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A new heat exchanger characterization bench



R&D Moteurs

Developed in a context of optimization of EGR systems for petrol engines and energy recovery at exhaust, R&D Moteurs has recently implemented a modular bench to characterize liquid / gas heat exchangers.


The coupling of 3 trolleys : 30kW electric heater, cooling, measurement & test specimen, associated with a flow bench  reproduces and controls both engine exhaust and coolant thermal conditions.


The measurements of inlet and outlet liquid & gas heat exchanger physical parameters is carried out by 12 thermocouples for gases, 4 PT100 for coolant, pressure transducers and flowmeters. Associated with an automated control system that ensures test conditions stability, it allows a high accuracy evaluation of heat exchanger efficiency.

The tests can be conducted over a wide operating field of gas conditions (typically from 5 to 200 kg/h and 20°C to 900°C) making this test facility adapted to a large range of applications.



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