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Aeraulic tests cell

This test cell is dedicated to engine component aeraulic and thermodynamic characterization.  A 760L thermal chamber (temperature range: - 75°C / +180°C) completes this equipment.

Flow bench

Main features :

​This testing facility can perform pressure drop measurement and aerodynamic characterization trough any air path component (filter, intake manifold, turbocharger, exhaust parts, etc.).

Main technical data :

  • Mass flow range: 0 - 1300 kg/h

  • 4 ABB sensyflow mass flowmeters

  • BIA automatic control system

  • Cylinderhead automated characterisation:

  * Micrometric valve actuator

  * intake & exhaust port pressure drop measurement

  * Swirl / tumble measurement (honeycom method)

Heat exchanger characterization bench

Main Features :

Adapted to automotive gas/liquid heat exchangers efficiency characterization.​


Main characteristics :

  • Hot air generation ensured by a 30kW electric heater (Nominal mass flow = 200kg/h / Nominal temperature = 900°C)

  • Heat dissipation trough a 30kW water loop

  • High accuracy measurement and regulation for gas and cooland T°, gas and coolant flowrate

  • Automated management of test scenarios

Valve characterization bench

Main Features :

Intended for the characterization of butterfly valves, this bench can be connected to our flow bench.​

Main technical data :

  • Friction torque measurement (from 0 to 1Nm)

  • Aerodynamic torque measurement (from 0 to 5Nm)

  • Valve leakage characterization in sonic conditions (up to 10kg/h)

  • Test control in manual or automated mode

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